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Bill of Quantities
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Bill of Quantities 

Vector is a immensely flexible Bill production program. Vector not only handles all methods of measurement. You have considerable flexibility how you approach the detailed presentation in respect to phraseology, sort and sectioning, with any layout you like.  

A standard Vector bill has all features predefined necessary to create an SMM and / or Elemental projects. The majority of small surveyors need do nothing more than use the standard project setup. 

The software comes with predefined sample report layouts for Preliminaries, Specification and Bills of Quantities for most of the worlds Methods of Measurement.  

Vector has a first-rate measuring capability, discussed in more details below. 

Two features in particular make Vector an exceptional Bill production program.  

  1. Vector is supplied with first-rate libraries, but more importantly Vector is exceptionally good at enabling you to easily reuse parts of previous projects with modification. This enables you to create your documents more quickly in your chosen style. You can always see exactly what you are doing. Editing is very straightforward. This gives a very significant productivity boost.  

  2. Secondly Vector has a very flexible and powerful reporting system, what ever output you want - you can have it.  For more details see discussions of Vector publisher below. 

In addition to printing your bills conventionally to paper you can export data to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and C.I.T.E, ASCII. 

Import existing Bills from Excel, Word, RTF, ASCII, C.IT.E. plus a number of database and specialist file formats.  


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